The Mayor And The Councillor Nominations

14 Aug


(1 vacancy – 2 nominations received)

  • Dow, Lindsay Allan (nominated by Eric Bernard Anderson, Iris Dorothy Robinson, Colin William Thomas Telfer and David Edward Mitchell)
  • Shadbolt, Timothy Richard (nominated by Jane Louise Stanton and David John Lilley)


Invercargill City Council

(12 vacancies – 16 nominations received)

  • Abbott, Ronald Lindsay (nominated by Graeme Anthony Hyde and Ailsa Violet Forrest)
  • Arnold, Karen Frances (nominated by Mary Teresa Race and Mary Winifred McKillop)
  • Amundsen, Rebecca Rae (nominated by Patricia MacKenzie Boyle and Lisa Essetera Tou)
  • Boniface, Neil Douglas (nominated by Norman James Elder and William John Sands)
  • Dennis, Alan Geoffrey (nominated by Anthony John Laker and David Alan Main)
  • English, Stephen John (nominated by Nicola Jane English and Julie Patricia Brown)
  • Esler, Irwin Lloyd (nominated by Gregory Francis Warden and Linda Mary Batson)
  • Fowler, Helen Kylie (nominated by Linda Joyce Bell and Charles Thomas Te Au)
  • Heath, Colin Clifford (nominated by Douglas Heath and Tania Hyde)
  • Heenan, Carl Edward (nominated by Graham David Lewis and David Anthony Scannell)
  • Lewis, Graham David (nominated by Colin Jarvis Jenkins and Gillian Burns Watson)
  • Ludlow, Darren James (nominated by Alastair James Tait and Lisa Essetera Tou)
  • Pottinger, Ian Reay  (nominated by Diane Lorraine Wilson and Timothy Patrick Ward)
  • Rohan, David Patrick (nominated by Malcolm Charles Gayfer and Dean Francis Addie)
  • Ross, Mark Phillip (nominated by Gregory James Munro and William Oliver Payne)
  • Thomas, Lindsay Stewart (nominated by Gregor James Finn and  Neil Douglas Jackson)

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