The Bluff Nominations

14 Aug

BLUFF COMMUNITY BOARD (5 vacancies – 6 nominations received)

• CHAPMAN, Cherie Joy Nominated by John Edward Edminstin and Rosemarie Coyle

• COOTE, Pania Tui Nominated by Elizabeth Kathleen Hunter and Christine Anne Ryan

• GARLAND, Susanne Coral Nominated by Stephen Douglas Mitchell and Peter John Alfred Topi

• GLASSEY, Wyma Elizabeth Nominated by Jayne Margaret Sutherland and Astrid Christine Brocklehurst

• HENDERSON, Gloria Violet Nominated by Catherine May Culling and Lorraine Elma Bowen

• TE AU, Charles Thomas Nominated by Peter James Brocklehurst and Helen Kylie Fowler

BLUFF COMMUNITY POOL TRUST BOARD (5 vacancies – 1 nomination received)

• BOWEN, Robert John Nominated by Gloria Violet Henderson and Catherine May Culling

Plus I know of one more that will be nominated for the Trust


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