Cheers Dave

11 Aug

Dave from Taha Fertilizer has been kind enough to respond to a few questions I had.  Greatly appreciated.  He is able to confirm that they are considering a site in Bluff and sadly Richard King blurted the location out on TV (I was not going to mention that).

So it may be an issue we have to face.  Time for all of us to upskill so we may be informed and submit (or not) with all the information.

I would like to clarify that the product coming from the smelter is NOT dross.  It should more appropriately be called Ouvea.  It has had the dangerous stuff taken out and is inert.  It is not ‘dangerous when wet’ once processed so we can at least put those fears to bed.  Some of the other chemicals still concern me but as I said time to upskill.


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