$30 An Hour

9 Aug

I wish I had been paid $30 an hour for the work I’ve put in for past six oyster festivals

The Directorate agenda for August 5 of Venture Southland has Rotary’s plea.

$15K is Venture Southland’s contribution but the role could pay up to $25K.  The employee must also be willing to travel to meet West Coast Wildfood Festival organisers.  According to their plea they ‘have the means and infrastructure through their members’.  They better add some physio for the members too.  All that shoulder tapping is sure to do some damage.  I expect to see all the members providing infrastructure as sponsors as opposed to submitting bills.

They claim they need to employ someone because Venture Southland can’t provide any staff to fill the role.  It is also claimed that the Hokitika Festival pays $89,482 in wages for 1.5 people.

I’m getting angrier the more I type.  Argh….leeches.


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