Taha Update

6 Aug

I did some follow up today on the Taha issue.  I have now got a copy of the resource consent and conditions for the Bond Row site.  It looks as if it is only approved for testing.  Reading through it reiterated to me that they still need a site for the long term.  Obviously Tiwai aren’t offering any space for the full scale production.  Intriguing.

Dave from Taha has offered to provide information so I may have ‘balance to the article.’  I appreciate the compliment but the blog is basically my opinion and not intended to be an article.  I will take him up on his offer though.  I will try to be open minded.  Research about the dross has shown that after processing it is harmless, so I can be converted if the evidence is there.  It is still ironic to me that the dross could be coming back to Bluff!

As an aside, I am amazed to see in some of the paperwork that ‘greenhouse gases’ cannot be factored (page 10 # 7) when assessing a discharging to air consent under the Resource Management Act.  I’m not a ‘global warming’ type but thought greenhouse gases were detrimental to the environment and the Resource Management Act was about protecting the environment.


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