The Purpose Of Local Government

5 Aug

This election sees the requirement of a Pre-Election Report being put in to practice since the Local Government Act amendment.  Putting aside the fact that it is white writing on black background (can you be more wasteful?), ICC’s report opens with this:

Section 99A(4) of the Local Government Act states that the purpose of the report is “… to provide information and promote public discussion about the issues facing the Local Authority.”  In doing so, the pre-election report should contribute to a better informed election debate.

Do Council realise that providing information and promoting public discussion about the issues facing the Local Authority is the reason we have the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act and requirements placed on councils under the Local Government Act?

It is the premiss of local democracy.  That is the reason public excluded is such an affront to the public.  That is why I have that byline on my blog.

Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.

We all have a right and responsibility to be involved and have a say over who and how we are governed.  If we are excluded from (more and more) meetings and information, we are unable to be involved.  Managed information releases do not allow us to make informed decisions or form our own views.  We should be treated like grown ups and given the information we need and request.  I would even support ICC getting another staff member!  Someone to provide information rather than press releases.


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