Are They Allowed?

3 Aug

I’ve been thinking about the comments made by Mayor Tim on Campbell Live.  When standing in front of the derelict wharf he claimed they would ‘maybe have a pier, like a walkway that you would walk out on and have it just for fishing’.   Down here in the “Great Southern Ocean” we call it a wharf.

Council have resolved to ‘contribute an extra $180,000 for infrastructure at Bluff’.  What I wonder is, can someone just decide to maintain or build something when it is not their responsibility?  I thought it was South Port’s role to maintain the wharves.  Even if they aren’t doing it, does that mean anyone else that is willing to can?

Before there is any more pie in the sky dreaming and embarrassing promotion of what may never be, I would like confirmation that ICC are ALLOWED to do any works to the wharf area.


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