Wachner Place

2 Aug

It took two days to get to see the CBD Plan here in Bluff.  I was able to view it for one hour and then they shut.  One thing I noted was the effort being put in around the current council building.  The Offering To The God Of Speed park and the event/market space and connecting the two.  The whole area has been opened up.  To me it has the most significant changes after Wachner Place.  Wachner Place is then set to be closed off and it is suggested that the ICC Administration building move there.  An Information Centre on Tay Street…bus/coach/campervan parking on Wood, Nith, and Forth Streets.   Too much information for me to process at one time and I was only able to grab some snippets (annoyingly it is A3).


If ICC are moving, why are they putting so much effort into the current ICC vicinity?  Tidy it up then leave an empty building? Or has someone already got dibs on the site?  Are the outdoor spaces for hotel guests to enjoy?


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