Outdoor Storage

2 Aug

I may have been a little tongue in cheek about ICC subsidising outdoor living in the new Bluff and Omaui Residential Zone.  Existing homes have pre existing rights but new builds are a different story.  I expect they will be asked to comply when submitting their building consent or pay $480 to be allowed to have less than 30% grass etc.

A far more significant issue in the Draft District Plan has been in the works for a while and involves ousting South Port from Foreshore Road for the sake of a marina (and associated industry).   I am concerned about what they are proposing.  Granted I wouldn’t like it if South Port did expand their Sea Port zone activities there but fortunately that hasn’t happened as yet.  We need something in place but I don’t think Industrial 1A (Marine) is it.  Nor do I don’t know where the marine associated industry should go.  I don’t claim to have all the answers but like to express my thoughts.  On this issue my concerns are the rules for the zone.

Height of Structures
3.29.4 All new buildings and structures, and additions to existing buildings and
structures, are to be designed and constructed to comply with the following
maximum height and recession planes:

(A) Maximum height: 12 metres.
(B) Recession plane: Infogram 4 applies in relation to any boundary with
any residential zone.

So Foreshore Road can have building up to 12 metres high (better than the 25 metres the Enterprise zone on Gore Street currently has I suppose).  If marine businesses are able to buy/lease the land from South Port we may be looking at a proliferation of over sized garages blocking the view of the sea from the main street .  We have an example of ‘what could be’ already.


The building has been there a little while now and the ‘stuff’ is accumulating.  Believe me I know about outdoor storage problems!  I am a hoarder struggling to get by without a garage (or 2 or 3…).  If I were conducting business it would be a different story.  Ravensdown, for all their millions of dollars, were allowed to operate out of the derelict Shaw Savill for years.  That has been remedied.  What is ICC’s remedy for the ever increasing businesses on Foreshore Road to do with regard to outdoor storage?

Outdoor Storage
3.29.10 Any area utilised for outdoor storage adjoining a residential area is to be
screened from that residential area by a close boarded fence, solid wall or hedge
not less than 1.8 metres in height

Twelve metre buildings with 1.8 metre closely boarded fences.  Lovely sight from Gore Street.  Possibly a bigger problem could be that the sites are not deemed ‘adjoining a residential area‘ and may not need to provide any screening.  I have not seen any recommendations for landscaping either.  At least Talleys have tried to make the area more attractive.




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