The People’s Voice

30 Jul

Today’s letters indicate that an election is near.  A call for politicians, in this case ILT, to grow a backbone and just build the hotel.  How many years have they been talking about it now?  Another wants the Mayor (of Gore) to do the ‘descent (sic) thing’ and step down.  And Gary Tong begins his lobbying for the position of SDC Mayor.  I can’t say I followed his letter all that well…I think he is using the Haast-Hollyford Road as an example that Southland is not moving forward…

The positive letter from Auckland actor, Mike Edward, (who appeared in Invercargill Musical Theatre’s Grease) probably isn’t enough to disspell the Shuttleworth impact.  I’m told a reporter on TV One yesterday (breakfast show) claimed it was frequent in Invercargill (will have to find it online).  I tend to agree with Susan Devoy on this one, it happens everywhere.  I don’t take the rantings of one drunk as indicative of a community.

I had considered going to Grease but thought $49 was a bit steep for a local production.  People have since told me that the shows are excellent but if all the reports are correct why is it not used to promote Southland as a destination.  I am aware of the lengths (and costs) people go to just to attend an oyster festival.  Surely there is a market in attracting people to attend what has been called ‘better than a west end production’.  ILT (and any other accommodation providers) and Air NZ (or bus companies for the more local market) could create a weekend trip to Invercargill for the annual production.  Throw in SMAG, Anderson’s Park or Riverton to fill up the weekend and you might be able to justify a train visit too. What would I know though?  We have the multi-million dollar Venture Southland doing such a great job of Destinational Marketing.


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