Invercargill CBD ‘Plans’

30 Jul

Let the propaganda begin

The key improvements highlighted in the plan are:

Family and youth friendly open spaces in Esk Street and the Bowling Green site, Wachner Place and Wood Street.

Developing a flexible market place site that incorporates car parking and staging to allow for markets, events and community gatherings.

Pocket parks as sheltered places to eat and meet people in Esk and Don streets.

Various roading improvements around the inner city to improve accessibility.

Pedestrian shelters on Tay, Dee, Esk and Don streets to create a city centre experience that is protected from the weather and makes crossing Dee and Tay streets more comfortable.

Increased community facilities such as toilets, street furniture and better lighting to make the inner-city a more comfortable place to visit.

Easier accessibility for walking and cycling in the inner city.

Efficient lighting and safe spaces to move through at night.

Cr Elder said at last night’s meeting the committee decided not to release the costings until discussion with the council had occurred, at its meeting on August 27.

The true Invercargill CBD plans won’t be released until after 27 August though


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