Will There Be A Subsidy Or Rates Rebate For That?

27 Jul

I’ve been looking through the District Plan.  Bluff and Omaui now have their very own residential zone.  Here is the complete rules section:

3.36.1 Permitted Activities: The following are permitted activities in the Residential 2
(A) Educational activity on sites listed in Appendix V – Educational Activity
(B) Home occupation
(C) Home stay
(D) Residential activity
(E) Residential care activity limited to a maximum of eight persons

I will spare you the list of discretionary and non-complying activities and have shortened it up a little by removing the portions that explain what council will consider when using their discretion.

Residential Density
3.36.4 The maximum residential density is:
(A) One residence per 750 square metres under contiguous ownership.
(B) One residence per Certificate of Title existing as at 30 July 2013 where
the site is less than 750 square metres.
3.36.5 Residential dwellings are a discretionary activity on lots smaller than 750 square

Outdoor Living
3.36.7 Residences at or near ground level: A designated area of outdoor living space is
to be provided as follows:
(A) The space shall be sufficiently large to accommodate a horizontal circle
with diameter 5.5 metres.
(B) Minimum area 30 square metres.
(C) Located to the north [between 045 degrees True (north-east) and
315 degrees True (north-west)] of the main glazing of the main living
area of the dwelling as per Infogram 5.
(D) Adjacent to the main glazing of the main living area of the dwelling.
(E) In such a way that it is accessed directly from the main living area.
(F) In such a way that it enables incidence of sun to the living area.
Provided that this space shall not form part of areas shown on the site plan as
being for vehicle parking or manoeuvring.

Note: Within the outdoor living space a conservatory may be erected.

3.36.8 Residences where the living area is located one storey above the ground floor: A

balcony is to be provided:
(A) Minimum area 15 square metres.
(B) Minimum dimension 2.5 metres.
(C) Adjoining and accessible from the living area.
(D) Oriented between 045 degrees True (north-east) through north to
315 degrees True (north-west) of the living area.
3.36.9 Where an activity does not comply with Rules 3.36.7 and/or 3.36.8 above, the
activity is a discretionary activity.

Incidence of Daylight and Sunlight and Space around Buildings
3.36.11 A yard of at least two metres shall be provided along all boundaries of the lot.
This space may include the outdoor living area required under Rules 3.36.7 or
Except that accessory buildings no greater than six metres in length along the
boundary may be located within these yards.
3.36.12 A yard of at least four metres shall be provided on all side and rear boundaries of
any non-residential activity.

Site Coverage
3.36.15 Maximum coverage of all buildings on the site shall not exceed 30% of net site
3.36.16 Where the coverage of all buildings on the site exceeds 30% but does not
exceed 35% of the net site area it is a discretionary activity.

Height of Structures
3.36.19 All new buildings and structures, and additions to existing buildings and
structures, are to be designed and constructed to comply with the following
maximum height and recession planes:
(A) Maximum height: 7.5 metres (residential building) or 4.5 metres
(accessory building).
(B) Recession plane: Infogram 4 applies.
3.36.20 Where any activity does not comply with Rule 3.36.19 above, the activity is a
discretionary activity.

Permeable Surfaces
3.36.22 The minimum area of permeable surface is 30% of the gross site area.
3.36.23 Where the area of permeable surfaces is to be less than 30% of the gross site
area, then the activity is a discretionary activity.

What I would like to know is, if I want to comply with Rule 3.36.7 will ICC subsidise me or offer a rate rebate?  I wish!  Maybe they could waive any fees involved with providing access from my main living area to the outdoor living area?  It is a requirement of the District Plan after all…

I don’t know why ICC are the sunlight police though because I could think of nothing worse than having my outdoor lving out the front.  The evening sun in my backyard is awesome and that is when we would be utilising the area so their rules don’t suit me.


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