It Either Is Or It Isn’t

27 Jul

The Club Hotel is listed in the District Plan that is to go out for public consultation.  It is listed in the Heritage Record under the heading


But a search of  the NZ Historic Places Trust register shows that is not correct.  Adding the statement (under NZHPT investigation) does not make the heading true.

The Club Hotel is not, and never has been, registered on the Historic Places Trust register.  Nor is the old Post Office or the Waddel House.  I am not commenting on whether they should or shouldn’t be.  I am only pointing out that the Club is not, so don’t claim it is.  Maybe I am a little ‘black and white’ on some things but the heading says registered.



One Response to “It Either Is Or It Isn’t”

  1. Lee July 27, 2013 at 10:39 am #

    Don’t apologise being seeing this sort of thing as “black or white.”
    It needs to be correct.

    Your journalistic skills equal that of the National Business Review for clarity and accuracy.

    And it is appreciated.

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