The Proof Is In The Copyright

16 Jul

Even before I published my ‘musical interlude‘ it was proven correct.  I hadn’t seen the Bluff Beacon when I published it.  Nonetheless, the return of the ‘editors’ brought a Bluff Beacon copyright.    I don’t care.  Putting the Bluff Beacon online has always been a community service.  Those further afield appreciate it.  I suggest those that keep their connection with Bluff via things like the Beacon contact the ‘editors’ by email,

Even just a little research shows me that the only thing that could be covered by © Bluff Beacon (BTW you forgot to put the year) is the front page ‘editorial’.  Both IPONZ and the Copyright Council of NZ deem the following to be the definition of what can be copyrighted:

To attract copyright protection, a work must be ‘original’ in the sense that it originates from the creator and is not copied from another person’s work. It must result from the author exercising independent skill and labour.

And what can NOT be copyrighted?  (underlining my emphasis)

Copyright protects the expression of ideas or information − not the ideas or information
itself. For example, if you write a novel, the text will be protected, but not the ideas or plot.
Someone could write their own novel using your ideas, without necessarily infringing

So I may not be able to cut and paste the text but it does not protect the ideas and views etc.

I assume it was to wind me up but all it does is prove my point!  I was being nice by circulating it, you’re being a bitch by making it a (very) little bit more difficult for me to do.  Anyway, the only point of interest in the text is Mitchell finally championing the upcoming elections and the need for residents to put their name forward.  Anyone that knows how Mitchell talks will recognise it as a dig at the current board members, or at least some of them.  It seems as if it is worded to say ‘we don’t want only five nominations because that’s how we got the board we have now.’ LMAO



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