How Does That Work?

14 Jul

The 2011-2012 ICC Building Asset Management Plananagement Plan 2011-12 has some interesting aspects to it.  Pages 9 -11 are insightful and confusing.

Page nine has these comments (underlining is my emphasis):

The Core Buildings Activity provides the
following outputs:

Arrangement of Asset Management Plan
data for buildings owned by Council
Controlled Organisations of the
Invercargill City Council and for Trusts
based in the community of Invercargill
City. These buildings have the potential
to come into Council ownership in future
if the owning entity should become
financially nonviable.

I know this has been mentioned before and I think it is a part of the Scottish Hall debacle.  What I can’t fathom is how it can be suggested a building (like a Town Hall) can go back to council ownership?

When it was transferred to the Bluff Community Charitable Trust, for the princely sum of $1, was it done legally and legitimately?  If it is legally owned by the trust and they are no longer financially viable then surely the Trust would be liquidated and the Town Hall would be deemed an asset in the process?  Can council swoop in and claim it or do they expect one of the final acts of the trustees, before declaring liquidation, to sign over the building to council?

The list includes a variety of ‘community assets’ (and the odd error – it seems the Southland Museum is now located where Bluff Swimming Pool    Some other facilities of being ‘at risk’ of being placed in council ownership are:

Outdoor Sports Stadium                    278 Tweed Street             Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust
Indoor Stadium and Velodrome   22 Surrey Park Road       Southland Indoor Leisure Centre Trust


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