7 Jul

It is beyond me why Preston Russell remain as ICC’s lawyers.  The orchestrated South Alive project reiterates it.  I came across the South Alive website which had a comment about them becoming a Trust in December 2012.  I had to look and see if it was the same trust deed as Bluff 2024 and Glengarry.  It’s worse.  It’s even worse than the Bluff Pool trust deed.  The Pool trust had the requirement for an appointments panel at the start (and the scary part is that it can revert to the panel).  The South Invercargill Urban Rejuvenation Charitable Trust deed also has a panel.  The panel consists of the ICC CEO and Venture Southland CEO.  To change the number of trustees the Board of Trustees make the resolution but the panel make the appointments (8.1).  As I see it, the panel members are defacto trustees without the legal requirements of the Trustees Act.  Why would anyone agree to that Trust Deed?

Preston Russell seem to be willing to create these trust deeds where ICC maintain control and power.  It would be interesting to know if they are legitimate?  One would think a half decent lawyer (‘pro bono’ or not) would point out that urban rejuvenation/beautification does not meet the criteria required to be a registered charitable trust.  I would have thought an Incorporated Society would suit them better actually.  As it stands the  South Alive (and Bluff and Glengarry) charitable trusts have not been approved by Charities.  Community Trust Of Southland have seen fit to fund them though.  I would hope if Bluff 2024 applied for a Neighbourhood Projects Fund they would be successful.  That would be an interesting ‘test’.


One Response to “Inept”

  1. Kylie July 8, 2013 at 11:51 am #

    If we had a community board that was not controlled by the gestapo the Bluff 2024 ‘trust’ wouldn’t be necessary. The Bluff Community Charitable Trust (with charitable status) could have a Bluff 2024 committee – that would actually be inline with what community development is and suit what 2024 claim – utilising resources that already exist.

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