Oh, Come On!

29 Jun

Shadbolt tries to defend the undefendable.   There are century old companies with less director/shareholder history than A2B@C Limited.  When it comes to business partners he seems to be a bit of a s$%#.  Francis may well have produced two feature films but that doesn’t mean he can run a yacht race.  Maybe if Mayor Tim went along to one of the public  meetings regarding A2B he too would have seen the arrogant Francis making statements that always started with ‘I’.  When everyone else stood to speak to the meeting, Francis remained seated.  Someone called him a snake oil salesman to me and that is a pretty good synopsis I feel.

ICC is the most transparent organisation……lol…I’ll leave that for another day…


3 Responses to “Oh, Come On!”

  1. Murray Francis July 18, 2013 at 12:50 pm #

    arrogant and snake oil salesman -crikey !! Am i that bad ? Oh well you cant please everyone . At least i can honestly say that i am not all talk and have actually done something positive in Southland such as two feature films that utilised the services of over 120 companies within the area and poured millions into the local economy & which also could not have been made without the support and help of good hearted Southlanders whom i admire to this very day. And as for sitting whilst at the meetings its probably something to do with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in my right knee which prevents me from bounding up and down like a startled gazelle and not to forget my advanced years . keep up the good work.

    • Wasn't looking July 20, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

      Millions?? Of what? and how?
      “…which could not have been made without the support and help of good hearted Southlanders…” why couldn’t they have been made without these people? Is is because they work for free? Is it because “they” give you funding that no-one else will, especially the private sector?
      Your “advanced years” coupled with the mayor’s add up to nothing except sad old guys trying to be relevant…
      Kylie’s post was about a yacht race. Your response was about films. Show us the audited figures of the spend in the region for these “feature films” and I’ll show you an A2B budget that looks as though it was drafted by a salesman…
      And if you weren’t “organising” a yacht race, what exactly would you be doing?

  2. Kylie July 20, 2013 at 6:26 pm #

    I suggest Mr Francis that next time you remain seated you make apologies for doing so. It just looked WRONG!
    How ever many years on, I don’t see the throngs of people coming here because of the movie exposure. Sadly your comment led me to do a little reading…the International Press Kit for Two Little Boys could not be called ‘promotional’. I will share some of the comments I didn’t care for in another blog post.

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