That Will Be A Long Meeting

18 Jun

An ICC release

The Invercargill City Council has called a public meeting for Kennington residents to discuss environmental concerns that are impacting on the quality of life in the small community, the Council’s Manager of Environmental Health Services, John Youngson said today.
Mr Youngson said that the public meeting would be held at the Southland Kennel Club clubrooms in Kennington, at 7.30pm, on Wednesday 19 June.
The meeting would give residents and others the opportunity to discuss concerns around noise and sewage disposal affecting the Kennington community.
“Kennington residents have for some years reported noise issues relating to the Kennington Saw Mill. In 2012 Council staff undertook a survey, the results of which showed the day-time noise levels slightly exceeded levels allowed in the District Plan. However, the night-time levels were significantly over noise levels allowed in the District Plan.
“Our preliminary survey results helped us understand why residents were reporting having trouble with sleep disturbance and other stress related issues,” he said.
Mr Youngson said the Council followed up its survey by commissioning an independent survey by noise consultant company, Marshall Day. Marshall Day carried out a series of tests earlier this year and the results confirmed the Council’s earlier findings that the night-time levels were unacceptable.
Council had called the public meeting on Wednesday night to outline the findings of the Marshall Day Report to those in the Kennington community.
The Council had written to about eighty households in the wider Kennington area, inviting people to attend the meeting.
Mr Youngson said the second issue for discussion at the public meeting, related to sewerage issues in the Kennington area.
There had been a number of complaints about sewage flowing outside property boundaries, finding its way into the stormwater system and into the Waihopai Stream.
Testing done by the Council over December 2012 and January 2013 indicated that sewerage systems in the area were inadequate and those in Kennington Road were failing.
“Council will be further investigating to quantify the failure, then will look at options for the residents, including connecting to Council’s sewerage network and what financial assistance Council may provide to help fund the connection.”
Mr Youngson encouraged all those with an interest in the Kennington community to attend the public meeting.



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