What If…

11 Jun

I would appreciate an answer on this one…

If I were to be sued for defamation, am I allowed to share the documents and/or information?

I keep wondering why Mitchell hasn’t, and have considered what I would do if I were.  One of the most important things to me would be to share it via the blog but raises the issue of whether it is permitted or not.  If it is addressed to me, and refers to me, wouldn’t it belong to me?

If Edminstin can face charges, why not me?  No I don’t want charges but my mind can’t process the difference between his words and mine except he was physically in the same room as her.  Strange.


One Response to “What If…”

  1. South guy June 13, 2013 at 12:09 am #

    You can any statement or publication that is disseminated e.g published online, said to other persons etc… is actionable in defamation unless it is protected by some type of privilege eg statement made in parliament where there is absolute privilege,
    For it to be defamatory it generally must be capable of lowering the target person in eyes of right thinking members of society so objectively will people think less of the person as a result, defamation claims have a complete defence if they are true

    If you publish documents requested or obtained in the discovery phase of a defamation claim then that is using those documents for non litigation purposes which is a serious contempt of court

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