Who’s Who’s

31 May

In light of the Environment Southland decision, I suppose we should look at who will be benefiting from the southern Invercargill ratepayers.

Companies Office lists the following directors for A2B@C Ltd.  Follow the links to see who (my research has shown) are to be entrusted with your rates.

David Inglis ABERCROMBIE – Chief Executive of Yachting NZdave


“We’re not just setting up offices so we can swan about by the beach.”




muzzaMurray ‘Muzza’ FRANCIS – Film Producer, turncoat, and newly established, self appointed event organiser.

Murray is known internationally for his high production skills, honesty, integrity and a vast knowledge of the best that New Zealand has to offer.


Sophie Ann LUTHER – General Manager Animation Research Ltd, PR, Press Officer, freelance consultant,  and yachtie.sophie-luther

Our Sports Division, Virtual Eye work with major sporting events – Formula One, European Golf Tour, America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and the Australian and New Zealand cricket tours. We also develop acclaimed mobile apps for sporting events, visitor attractions, for marketing and communications purposes and for internal commercial use.

David MEE – Shareholder of  SMC Events.  Companies Office shows three common surnames throughout sooooo many companies that I wonder how anyone can manage all those conflicts.  Mee is one of the three musketeers on the Companies register.

David Mee, the show’s managing director for event manager SMC Group, left open the possibility of the show (Savour food and wine show) being sold completely.

Peter Drummond ROSS – The money man – Accountant/consultant

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