38 Suir Street, Bluff

31 May

Don’t worry, I’m not naming and shaming like Procter believes we should.  That address is council owned property that was in public excluded at the 15 April 2013 Infrastructure meeting.  It doesn’t seem to have sold according to QV.

This is 38 Suir Street

Those that know the empty section on the corner of Gore and Suir Streets will know it has a ‘drive’ up the fence line used as a back entrance to multiple properties.  If this damp bank (a.k.a section) sells that will put that ‘drive’ on private property.  If access is no longer possible via that drive I wonder if council are going to allow the long standing back access by allowing vehicles to drive up the Parks and Reserves land and onto Gore Street (opposite my house)?

The sale of that land could be significant to how some people use their properties.  Ignoring the impact could be significant also.  Aside from the fact that the land is Parks and Reserves land, it does not have kerbing to indicate drive on access.  Most significant is that it is right next to a park.  Coming up that rise it would be extremely hard to see a child coming from the park.  If it comes to fruition my stomach will be in knots every time I see kids leaving the park.


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