23 May

They mustn’t be ‘big picture thinkers’

Even if festival organisers were giving away the oysters, there was still an element of pecuniary advantage, however indirect.

Given the ‘festival organisers‘ are a charitable trust doesn’t that alter the element of ‘pecuniary advantage‘?

Under customary fishing regulations ……. can be gatherings and tangi (funeral services) as long as they are not sold.

If I got some for a funeral, haven’t I obtained an ‘element of pecuniary advantage, however indirect.’  That has reduced the cost of the tangi catering considerably.  Haven’t I indirectly gained a pecuniary advantage?

”Because the festival is a commercial activity, using seafood gathered by customary authorisation for any activities within it [such as giveaways and prizes] falls within the definition of `sale for commercial activity’,” he said.

It was not possible to give customary authorisation ”because they charge people to go in” to the festival, she said.

I went, with the school, up to the Marae when the navy boat was visiting.  There was a spread of kaimoana there.  Was the Marae paid by council (or whomever the host was)?  If they were I hope they didn’t obtain anything under ‘customary rights’?



Nb: These are my personal comments because I have had NO involvement in this process at all.


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