The Quick Fix

20 May

I am beginning to think council consider us as temporary.  For some reason ork done around here is not ‘permanent’.  When council took responsibility for the Ravensdown footpath/entrance they reported to the next board meeting that is was ‘temporary’ (after I  pointed out that it was non-compliant. LOL)  That temporary repair is already failing and water is pooling again.

Further down the road, the long awaited driveway for a new build has been created.  I have watched it with interest, first we had a large warehouse built.  I noted that it had no drive on access even though it had multiple vehicle entrances in the building.  That may have been a year ago (but I’m terrible with time).  So ICC allowed a build to go ahead, with supplies for the build and machinery needing drive on access.  When I demolished a wooden house I had to show how and where heavy machinery would access the property and put up with council staff lectures and photos of the foot path, before and after, being taken.

Just prior to retiring Tom Greenwood highlighted a list of 17 properties with illegal access  yet here is the building division actively allowing it.  Finally the footpath was dug up to create a drive.  Months later it was still ‘dug up’ but no drive had appeared.  Just the other day I saw Fulton Hogan probing the gravel footpath we had to endure as a main street footpath for so long.  Wow, I thought, the job is to be completed!!!

And what do we get?

More tarseal...non-compliant

More tarseal…non-compliant

Do council not anticipate a long term future for Bluff?  Should we bring in the prefabs?  Are we to expect more temporary facilities?  Boat moorings and lotto shops don’t seem to make it to the temporary list.  Does logic exist at council?

Council have a list of contractors approved to undertake vehicle access ways.  It must be ‘jobs for the boys’ because it is obviously not about the abilities and knowledge of the contractors.

And how is that other temporary repair getting on?

Water pooling in the tyre tracks already

Water pooling in the tyre tracks already

Even heard of ‘not fit for the purpose’?


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