Zero Rubbish

4 May

From Bluff 2024’s facebook (and newsletter)

Zero Rubbish
As part of our vision for beautifying Bluff, one of the projects being undertaken by our group is eliminating rubbish from our community so they are places we are proud of….our aims are: Zero rubbish in Bluff, and encouraging individual responsibility.
We want to encourage individuals, schools, organisations and businesses to adopt streets, parks and public green areas and keep them rubbish free until the level of personal responsibility rises and there is no need for them anymore.
To help achieve this we want to sign up ‘caretakers’ that will keep these areas rubbish free – until we get to a point where everyone is taking responsibility and there is no more rubbish left lying around.
You can volunteer as a team, or as an individual (and if you want to join with others we can match you up with a team). So please adopt a street or part of a street…enter your name and contact number on one of the posted maps at the Service Centre, Bluff Primary School or St Theresa’s School, or call Sue on 021 1364 708 or email or
So let’s go everyone! If we all do a little, it can be done!

I don’t believe me tidying up my bit of street is going to teach those around me any individual responsibility, quite the opposite.  We should all be ensuring we don’t litter and worry about the frontage of our own property.  On top of that, we need to make sure our council are doing their part (rather than orchestrating us to do their job for them).  Not that we should have to as we have a community board for that but a year on and a drain from their ‘action sheet’ in the main street is still blocked.

I have been thinking about this and thought I’d put my thoughts out there.  No doubt there will be holes in it but isn’t that why you put things out there?  To fix the holes.

What about initially, one day was promoted as the day Bluff was to be ‘judged’.  Promote to everyone that on the *4th of May we will be looking around Bluff and every property that meets *three criteria will be entered into a draw for *$200 grocery voucher.  Granted some people may not have to do anything because they keep on top of it (I’m would have to do some work;-).

Publicise a few of them and spring a surprise one every now and then (to keep us on our toes).  Just a thought.  It would be illogical for me to ‘adopt-a-street’ when council are nagging at me about my own section (lol).

* = Alter as necessary – my three would be grass mowed, edges done and free of debris (gutter included).


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