The $300,000 Question (We All Know The Answer)

3 May

Even Cracker would agree with the first line of submission 009 (page 11):

“I belive we should Raise 300.000 for The Skate park…”

Sadly, it looks like they are supporting an increase in the council contribution, NOT that the youth raise the funds themselves.  Then again, I can’t be sure.


2 Responses to “The $300,000 Question (We All Know The Answer)”

  1. Lindsay May 3, 2013 at 11:57 pm #

    Oh come on Kylie some of us argued the increase of funding for the skate park. a 200 k Increase ? wow !! in this enconmy !!! Further to that work has porgressed on the buld BEFORE the submitters have been heard.. I said in council this was a farce and an absolute waste of submitters time.. WE are not all in agreement of this charge BUT WHERE are the sumissions against It ?????

    • Kylie May 4, 2013 at 12:35 am #

      Me, Paddy, and Mary off the top of my head. Best you guys seriously consider Sport Southland’s submission for this one. I wouldn’t let my kids go to a facility that caters for all the kids of a city. You have policies for parks but want to create a melting pot for skaters and the likes. Ten yr olds picking up language and attitudes of 18 and 19 yr olds…no thank you. For $800K can’t there be a few and maybe they could specialise?

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