At Least They Are Aware They Are Being Shafted

3 May

From Bluff 2024’s submission to ICC (pg 95)

Bluff 2024 was set up as a result of an ICC initiative, and has progressed largely on
the basis of the promise of access to a portion of the $145,000 per year of contestable
funding for Urban Rejuvenation provided for in the ICC Long Term Plan.
Impact of the ICC Draft 2013−14 Annual Plan
• The ICC Draft 2013−14 Plan does not contain this $145,000 contestable
funding for Urban Rejuvenation. Instead there is an amount of $834,000
set aside for Street Work Improvement in South City, which will consume
the annual funding in servicing the loan.
It is the view of the submitter that this departure from the Long Term
Plan deprives Bluff 2024, and the other Urban Rejuvenation Groups, of
access to the level of annual Contestable Funding on which our planning
and efforts to date have been based.
• It is the view of the submitter that this annual contestable funding should
be re−instated in the annual plan, or, alternative funding arrangements
made available, in order that the momentum and community goodwill,
that has been established over the past 12 months, can be built upon and

The bonus of being a cynic is that I am not surprised by this.   The pandering to South Alive was an obvious insight into where the money would be going.


One Response to “At Least They Are Aware They Are Being Shafted”

  1. Kylie May 3, 2013 at 1:35 pm #

    Nice to see Glengarry are singing along to the same tune.

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