The “Theresa Ward”

27 Apr


She’s a cunning little craft

is our cutter, called the “Nun,”

She’s a darling fore and aft,

She’s all folic and all fun;

And she loves the choppy straits-

Foveaux Straits. Oh, dear me!

I dote on pretty vessels,

And I like a choppy sea!


And she is a pretty vessel!

When the straits are all asmile

You’d think they had no temper,

And you’d reckon they’d no guile!

But if our cutter’s pretty

She’s clever, oh, dear me!-

And when Foveaux gets angry

She checks him back, does she.


For an impish little craft

Our “Nunumikino” you

Be the sweetest thing afloat-

Ne’er a doubt, it’s true, quite true!

From the captain to the kid

Cook and seaman-oh, dear me!-

Reckon so- they’re honest chaps,

Indeed, in truth, they’re we!


And the boys who wish to plunder

The treasures of the deep,

Must get a berth aboard her-

Four hours of work and sleep.

They’ll feel the straits arocking

The good “Nun” -oh, dear me!-

They’ll think things fairly novel

When they take a spell at sea.


They’ll need to wear their badges,

They’ll need to spread their smiles,

They’ll have to keep their foothold

When they face the ocean’s wiles.

They’ll hear the ropes sainging

A wild song -oh, dear me!-

They’ll thank their lucky comets

When old Halfmoon Bay they see!


They’ll wake the straits with laughter,

Tho’ the ocean howls them deaf;

They’ll prove to all the craft they speak

That they’re lively D.L.F? or D.L.P?

The s.s. Theresa Ward

Will be worried- oh, dear me!-

When our “Nun” puts up a record,

But we’ll be proud – won’t we?

– Lavengro

via The “Theresa Ward” painting in oil by Sir Joseph Ward..


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