Pet Peev’s

25 Apr

I, for many years, have had a pet peev over ANZAC Day marching order.  I have been told that Mayor Tim and his lackie (Mitchell) walked ‘up front’ today.  Can someone please tell me if this is correct?  I have set up to record South Today in the hope that it will be shown.  I will not be impressed if it is true as it is far more than a ‘pet peev’.  It’s ANZAC Day, it is about honouring the fallen and those that fought.  Servicemen and women should be placed front and centre.  I believe volunteer roles should be next; those that protect and serve our community, i.e,  St John, Fire Brigade.  Other volunteer groups should follow.  Then, and only then, should the elected representatives march.  The only leeway I would offer the community board would be to march ahead of the community members because they have been elected by the community (albeit to serve the community).  I don’t know how it was done this year and whether the Bluff Service Centre marched with the community board as has been done in the past but if they did, I would ask, did ICC staff walk with Mayor Tim?


One Response to “Pet Peev’s”

  1. Kylie April 27, 2013 at 12:55 am #

    I have now watched the ‘news’ and the small portion of the march that I saw had Shadbolt and Mitchell walking ahead of servicemen. I cannot comprehend the arrogance of people that consider their paid role in representing us peasants gives them the right to a more prominent place than a serviceman. You can both consider yourselves, and your ‘positions’, a mockery in my view. You possess an arrogance I cannot fathom and hope I never do. At least Mitchell has proven one thing to me – I AM a bigger person than she is! As for Shadbolt…pfft…

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