Flat Hill Wind Farm Submissions

29 Mar

Well, here is the folder with all the Flat Hill Wind Farm submissions (be patient, big file), the Notice of Decision and original proposal.  For the alterations to the turbine layout and any other information I’ve gathered click on the Wind Power category (bottom right).  Don’t forgot to click on the links within the blog posts so you can read the actual facts yourself.

That said, I ask all those that say ‘do you want to dam another river?’ to assess the FHWF proposal and this SITE and then say to yourself, if under the RMA this area was assessed as being an Outstanding Natural Landscape how can we now say it’s OK to breach those rules under the RMA?

I really don’t care if central government have a Statement on renewable energy that says any renewable energy is good no matter how small the output is…that statement should also include ‘unless the impact is detrimental to ONFL’  We all know central government aren’t the sharpest tacks, they probably thought the RMA would protect the ONFL.  You would think it would but if we allow ‘commissioners’ that obviously have no understanding of RMA/ONFL (and in particular the values placed on the landscape) you can expect them to approve the White Wind Farm and then another on Laidlaw’s (other than Energy 3) and so on and so on….

Don’t ICC (the decision makers in this) have 100% ownership of Electricity Invercargill and subsidiaries?  How does that work?  Are they ‘local network distribution’?  If they are, that will look good for the newly imposed Pre-Election reports…haven’t we  done well…we increased the profits of our Council Controlled Organisations so as to offset you rate increases…yay us!  Re-Elect us!


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