28 May

Given elections for the pool trust are coming up I thought I’d share an old post.

Have a read.  It highlights my frustration with the ‘deal’ the Board made in PE with ICC and how the pool lost tens of thousands of dollars in the process.  That lost income will be obvious to everyone if the pool trust ever get up-to-date with the Charities Commission.  If the Charities Commission were doing their job, the trust would be de-registered by now.

Remember, if not enough people put their hand up for the positions (minimum four, maximum five) ICC get to appoint to the trust.  Feel free to read the trust deed if you don’t believe me.

Regulatory Services

26 May

The agenda (31 May 2016) has the following public excluded ‘excuse’.

What scenario has the need for a person’s privacy to be protected in a District Plan?  I haven’t been able to work out a situation the calls for it to be in PE.  Keep in mind the quote from the Ombudsman at the top of my blog.



Can’t Please All Of The People….

25 May

Some negative responses which is understandable.  Had the people that traveled from far afield been turned away, they would have complained.   Ticket numbers LIMITED even more for next year so I remind the locals GET YOUR TICKET.  We have made it as easy as possible yet still the week of the festival we get Bluffies moaning that we didn’t keep some for them.  Seriously people!  We have made it so you can buy a ticket in Bluff (without booking fees).  You’re welcome!  You can also buy them on Trade Me and I will deliver them!!

We do the best we can and from time to time we don’t get it right.  We adapt and change as best we can to remedy any issues.  Sometimes, on the day, one person might makes a decision that has ramifications and we all have to live with that (and apologise).  Tables placed in the wrong place by one ‘helpful’ person can be a gamechanger.  If someone doesn’t turn up or doesn’t step up it puts the strain on others.  Managing volunteers is far trickier than employees.   A cross we must bear…lol.  I personally would like to see the food stalls back us on this publicly.  I saw food being served by Food@Clifton as I left at 5.30 but I never get a chance to wander and observe throughout the day.   We provide the venue, infrastructure and entertainment.  I am confident that the food stalls were well informed of the sort of numbers we expected.  I am not putting any blame on them.  Cold weather makes them eat more, warm weather makes them drink more.  It is a balancing act for all involved.  I would like to the stalls weigh in and support us.  Personally I laud them because they do an amazing job to serve so many people.  I never hear negative comments about the quality of the food so they must do an excellent job!

Can Anyone Explain The Logic?

24 May

I am trying to work out the expectations of both the community board and Cllr Pottinger with regard to the walkway that ICC are NOT constructing.  ICC funded some of it ($50K?) but are not the lead agency.

Councillor Ian Pottinger said the report should be amended to acknowledge action would be taken on the cycle and walkway between Invercargill and Bluff.

ICC don’t make the approaches to the owners for access (an issue raised by the Board).  ES have in the past so why did the Board approach ICC and why are ICC claiming ‘action would be taken’?  Are they throwing a shitload of money at it?  Money is what is holding it back isn’t it?

Invercargill to Bluff cycle and walkway should be urgent business.

Pottinger said the council’s annual plan should affirm the cycle and walkway as a priority.

More tourism meant more visitors walked to Bluff on the open road, Pottinger said.

“[We need to] respond in a way that shows that we’ve accepted the submission, we recognise that it is extremely important, and we do our utmost to talk to the people involved.”

Councillors voted in favour of rewording the report, to say council was aware of significant risks to walkers and cyclists.

So a sternly worded report is the solution is it?  It is times like this that I don’t want to run for council.  I agreed with the sentiments of Dennis at the verbal submissions on this.  Basically he wanted to know the plan of attack.  Where to next, how much it will cost, how much is available?  Anyone can ask that of ES.   Why couldn’t the Board go to ES?  Why don’t the council already have that?


Set Them Free?

20 May

The front page of the paper today has the issue of the South losing its young people.  While reading it I was thinking that we want our children to go off and experience life, do the OE or whatever takes their fancy while they are young.  If we give them good roots they will come back and make our community better with the experience they have gained and the things they have seen.  Two pages on, my views are affirmed by the story of Brendan Patton.


At 33 he has come home.  He brings with him, knowledge, experience and possibility money earned elsewhere to be invested, in this case, in South City.  He may well have brought his partner from further afield.  They may well raise a family in the South, and the cycle begins again.  Is ‘our young people’ leaving a bad thing?  And how do we know they are NOT returning?

Mr/Mrs Franklin

17 May

It is not council’s decision.  I don’t even know if they support the Art Gallery Trust’s decision (Cllr Thomas didn’t look like he did).


Splash Palace Papers

11 May

The Splash Palace Gym Assessment papers came through (the ‘ICC Splash Palace Gym Proposal Cover Sheet‘ and the full Splash Palace Fitness Gym Impact Report ) while I have been away.  A good response from council – I requested it Friday and they were sent Tuesday.  I haven’t looked at it in too much detail but I’m sure some people will read it thoroughly and with gusto.  Personally, I want them to focus on core services.


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