Yes Margaret

23 Apr

Nice to see others are able to see that our Invercargill City Council elected members are chasing their own personal agendas.

True Colours

21 Apr

I wrote this short letter to the editor over two weeks ago.  Haven’t seen it in print so I suppose ICC didn’t answer.

Through your paper I would like to ask some questions of our elected members.  It is my hope they can set aside their differences to inform me, and the wider community, of the facts surrounding the issue.  
As your editorials have correctly pointed out, process has been ignored and we, the residents, did not have fair warning of the significant increase or ongoing discussions of the Kakapo unit. 
With that in mind, did any of our representatives comment during the meeting about the item not being properly included on the agenda?  Did any members oppose the issue being discussed in public excluded?  Who voted for or against?  What will the minutes show of this significant issue?
Until our council presents the facts publicly, rather than their trivial differences, we will remain the mute dummies funding their personal wish lists.
Remember the election promises, and not just of our mayor?  An article in the Southland Times had this
Why is it not “entirely inappropriate” that Arnold did not raise this before entering Public Excluded?  Hold it, it is entirely inappropriate!!!!!  Everyone around the council table’ talks the talk’ but still no-one ‘walks the walk’.


The Wheels Turn Slowly

16 Apr

I have been waiting for my letter to the editor to be published.  It has been nearly two weeks.  Given it had questions directed at council I knew it would take some time.  The issue has died in the public arena (a concern in itself).  I will not comment more on the questions I asked because the whole reason I have been quiet on the Kakapo unit is because I did not have all the information.  I do not like to form opinions or views until I have facts.  Assumptions piss me off.  Those comments of course refer to the process.  With regard to the unit and its cost – I do NOT agree.  It is an excessive amount of money and the ones funding it will not benefit (possibly they would keep on paying for it).

The process concerns me and I am waiting with bated breath.  More and more I am reminded of what I am passionate about.  Process.  Process is the result of years of consultation and legislative change.  Process comes from ‘what went wrong?’ situations.  The day after hearing of a process that was ignored (won’t elaborate at present) I am still feeling sick to the stomach.  I am not using those words in a general term.  I woke up this morning with a sick feeling and the issue was the first thing that came to mind.   People around me will say ‘get over it’,  ‘forget about it’.  Right or wrong, that is not how my brain works.  BTW, I do not see it as wrong – that is how I judge what is important to me.


She’s A Sieve

5 Apr

Yesterdays editorial and mayoral column were insightful..  The editorial albeit good was nothing new to many of us.  ICC consultation and process is tokenism.  The spirit of the law is never considered and community is but an annoyance.

Mayor Tim’s column however was …I don’t quite know the appropriate word.  The analogy had me giggling and reminded me of his ‘heyday’ as a speaker.  Technology is not allowing me to easily save the full article but Mayor Tim had this to say about the leaks in council.  ….leak like a monsoon bucket over a forest fire….lmao…but did he just call Cllr Arnold the leak?

While I may have claimed I am proud of Mayor Tim (because he voted against it) I think he needs to be reminded who runs the meeting.  If Cllr Arnold is ‘giving long lectures on the statutes’ etc then why did the Chair (Mayor Tim) not speak up (and shut down) the councillor being involved in the subsequent debate.

This could get interesting…

Sell Outs

2 Apr

All the election promises and now here we are proposing a $1.98M empty cage.  I’m proud of Mayor Tim on this occasion.

Fiddling The Books

26 Mar

I’m busy right now but thought I’d take two minutes to share the comment I made on the ILT article

Do ILT pay off old debts for not for profit organisations???? Given it will not provide the not-for-profit any ‘benefit’ is this a precedent they want to set? How can Alan Dennis vote or be involved given he voted at ICC with the condition that ILT fund the Pacific Dawn debt? Dirty deeds done dirt cheap (to them but not the ratepayers)

The Big Picture

21 Mar

So the Gamesa wind turbine parts have begun arriving


If only I’d bought an Enercon

ENERCON wind energy converters generate environmentally-friendly power totally without neodymium. The gearless design on which all wind turbine types – from the E-33/330 kW to the E-126/7.5 MW – are based employs an annular generator with separate excitation. The magnetic fields required by the generator to produce electricity are created electrically. Due to this design, ENERCON turbines are built completely without permanent magnets. 

ENERCON thus feels that also from the point of view of environmental and health aspects, its choice of WEC design has been confirmed. “We are a high-tech company that sets great store by environmental protection,” says ENERCON Managing Director Hans-Dieter Kettwig. “Our choice to rely on separately excited generators was the right one, not only from a technological but also from an environmental point of view.” According to Kettwig, renewable energies need to be viewed in their entirety in order to offer a convincing alternative: Producing clean energy is one thing; however, sustainability in production is just as important. In this respect, ENERCON once again takes on a pioneering role in the wind energy industry.



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