Fiddling The Books

26 Mar

I’m busy right now but thought I’d take two minutes to share the comment I made on the ILT article

Do ILT pay off old debts for not for profit organisations???? Given it will not provide the not-for-profit any ‘benefit’ is this a precedent they want to set? How can Alan Dennis vote or be involved given he voted at ICC with the condition that ILT fund the Pacific Dawn debt? Dirty deeds done dirt cheap (to them but not the ratepayers)

The Big Picture

21 Mar

So the Gamesa wind turbine parts have begun arriving


If only I’d bought an Enercon

ENERCON wind energy converters generate environmentally-friendly power totally without neodymium. The gearless design on which all wind turbine types – from the E-33/330 kW to the E-126/7.5 MW – are based employs an annular generator with separate excitation. The magnetic fields required by the generator to produce electricity are created electrically. Due to this design, ENERCON turbines are built completely without permanent magnets. 

ENERCON thus feels that also from the point of view of environmental and health aspects, its choice of WEC design has been confirmed. “We are a high-tech company that sets great store by environmental protection,” says ENERCON Managing Director Hans-Dieter Kettwig. “Our choice to rely on separately excited generators was the right one, not only from a technological but also from an environmental point of view.” According to Kettwig, renewable energies need to be viewed in their entirety in order to offer a convincing alternative: Producing clean energy is one thing; however, sustainability in production is just as important. In this respect, ENERCON once again takes on a pioneering role in the wind energy industry.


Not To Be Trusted

19 Mar

Council behind closed doors on short notice is a worry for all of us.  When was this meeting advertised?  Who cares (for now…)

With another meeting in four days I can’t see this as being just ‘to formalise the structure of the OtagoNet deal’.  That could wait four days couldn’t it?

I believe it’s more likely that the ‘renewable energy’ shareholding proposal is on the table.

Sycamore claimed back in September

“It’s almost a gold-plated investment because it would be pretty hard to lose money on most of them.”  

Given they do as they please, the time must be near for a decision on whether they will be investing in Flat Hill Wind Farm or elsewhere.  The Flat Hill wind farm is set to be operational in June.  I will be watching the net with interest tonight for any ‘announcements’.


CEO Report On Rugby Park

12 Mar

Here is the report that was tabled on the night of the decision.  Supplied by ICC after I requested it and had to follow up…not uploaded to website like they claimed more than once they would for tabled documents.  And Mayor Tim said his focus was going to be transparency….blah, blah, I’d prefer compliance (transparency will come hand in hand).

Brownie Points

12 Mar

MP’s forcing the Remuneration Authority to reduce pay increases (now and for the future).  I doubt that happens often…anywhere. 

Rocket Science

10 Mar

Maybe filing paperwork with the Charities Commission is harder than rocket science.  The council controlled Bluff Maritime Museum Trust Board have failed again.  Given they take money from ratepayers and half of them are elected by residents they need to be held to a higher standard and at a minimum compliant with legislation.

As a council controlled organisation they have LGA responsiblities and as a tax exempt trust they have one simple task every year, file their finances by 31 December.  It’s March.

What’s Goin’ On ‘Ere Then?

9 Mar

The agenda and meeting entry for Tuesday’s meeting has disappeared from the meeting page.


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