Inbox Overload

25 Aug

I requested from ALL councils in NZ a copy of the appointment policy adopted in compliance with Section 57 of the LGA.  Needless to say, the next few days had my inbox inundated with acknowledgement emails and OIA statements to inform me of how they would treat my request.  I sent the request just after 10am on the 23rd of August.  As of 2.30pm 25th of August, I have 33 policies/answers.  I used for contacting them.  28 councils in the South Island.  53 in the North Island.

Some have provided links and some have attached PDF files.  I want the PDF’s online so I will add them to this post, further down.

The councils that have no CCO’s and therefore have no policies are:

Gore District Council
Clutha District Council
Central Otago District Council
Chatham Islands Council
Waimate District Council
Grey District Council
South Wairarapa District Council
Kapiti Coast District Council
Central Hawke’s Bay District Council

The ones that provided links are incorporated into a google sheets list I am collating.  I will upload the PDF ones here so I can then include a link to them from the spreadsheet.  I hope that made sense.  The end result will be that I end up with a spreadsheet with a link to ALL the policies.

As time permits I will read the policies and assess which do, and do not, allow elected member appointments and whether remuneration is permitted to appointed members.

Whangarei District Council
Thames-Coromandel District Council
Waikato Regional Council
Opotiki District Council
Taranaki Regional Council
Gisborne District Council
Hastings District Council
Hawke’s Bay Regional Council
Tararua District Council
Buller District Council
Timaru District Council
Waitaki District Council
Southland District Council
Waipa District Council
Napier City Council





Pay Rise

24 Aug

It is nearly annual report time again.  In preparation, I have been perusing the 2015 annual reports.  Interesting to see the Invercargill City Holding group director fees increase from the previous year


I wish we got a 19% increase in our pay packet.

My Sort Of Wind Turbine

24 Aug

I need a few of these



An Addition To Invercargill

22 Aug

After seeing a submission in the last annual plan, I would like to see something happen with Disc Golf here.  Queenstown’s has been going for 20 years.  I like that the club involved in this article is not expecting the council to fund the lot.  It doesn’t seem too expensive to set up or get involved in.  Funding should be easily obtainable.  With so many engineering firms down here we could have the baskets made locally.

I see it is a free event but wonder if it could be monetized in some way.  A downloadable app?  Tournaments?  Obviously, casual play will be difficult to get any money from users but an app with course and scorecard could have a small fee.   Organised events could create an income too.


Can’t Fail To Meet Target

20 Aug

This annoys the hell out of me.


How could they even fail to meet their target?  They did 23 famils the previous year yet their target remains at 8? They could do less work and still meet their target.

98 tourism businesses last year.  Target set at over 25.  It is great that things look to be improving but without knowing what ‘using Venture Southland services’ is, it is an irrelevant piece of information.  Is a business that pays to display a rack card at the i-Site counted?  Is an event that advertises in the ‘What’s On Southland’ event calendar counted?  If either of those are counted then this 105 businesses is an epic fail.

I don’t oppose VS in principle but inane targets and info like this provide very little to tell us what is going on and if the $ we give to VS is too much, not enough, or providing any return.

And what does facilitated mean, in this context?  Is that get together a meeting?  Does it require an outcome?  Am I reading that correctly, of the 12 investment opportunities facilitated are 6 the same project?  Wouldn’t that be one investment opportunity?  After reading that I have more questions than answers.




Extraordinary But Not Unknown

19 Aug

I don’t know why the meeting is deemed extraordinary given each year this document comes to council but, here it is, a summation of ‘how we did’.

First up, why are there no headings?  I would have to read the little graphs to work out what division was being outlined.  Here is an example (nb; this is the entire page on that issue)


Must be Building Consents.  Nice big white empty space at the top for a heading….here’s hoping headings will be added.

Here are some of the bits I snipped as I read through it last night.


The red X is from me.  A target of 100% is deemed as Achieved with 96.25%.  While they may have been setting their hopes too high, at 96.25% it has NOT been achieved.

Maybe one day I will outline how my visit to Council, after hearing about their new award, to view a property file went.


I hope the one full-time and one part-time position didn’t use up the whole $  20 years later…..but they got an award for this remember.  I think that is a job I would enjoy.

The Fire Service obviously need to sort their sh&% out


Well done to the Council staff.  Might need to take ‘by NZFS’ out of that measure


This is questionable


And what is the difference between an Eco-advisor and an education officer that teaches best environmental practices?


Isn’t maintaining an on-site effluent disposal system the business owners responsibility and probably a resource consent issue?  A bit too much hand-holding going on.

An interesting read.

Pretty amazing that you can start off having a variance of $10.5M (under budget)


and end up only officially having $60K left over.


I am curious about the Water amount, though.  $5M variance and only $3.5M carry over.  I hope it has come from savings.






Racking Up Debt

18 Aug

I am very pi#!ed at the moment.  An idea I had a few years ago,  is even less possible now.  It is most likely the biggest hindrance would be the debt Holdco have across the group.  Holdco would probably collapse without EIL and EIL’s assets.

The debt situation probably won’t improve either.  This Holdco constitution change (2 August 2016) has now been lodged with Companies.


Here it is

part 1 const

part 2 const

It was previously 10%.  And remember it is GROUP assets.  Interesting that the current council ‘chicken little’d the Better Local Services reform package as taking away their ability to control the CCO’s.  Here they are doing just that all on their own.

UPDATE:  It has, and rightly so, been suggested that I specifically point out the differences.  ICHL only needs shareholder permission for a major transaction.  A major transaction is, under the amended constitution defined as 15% of GROUP assets.

The old constitution defines a major transaction as


The old one is not talking about GROUP assets.  The definition of assets being GROUP assets is new.  It is my understanding that ‘the company’ is Invercargill City Holdings Ltd (ICHL) in the old one.  Now it is the company AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES ASSETS.

I am very curious to know who voted for this?  I will put in a request today.

Dunedin’s holding company has, since appointing new directors, reduced debt by $9M.  The last three years or so have been very scary times with regard to our holding company.  What debt does ICHL currently have?



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