‘The Dog’ That We Call Otagonet

1 Oct

I’m a busy girl and I have started heaps of posts about the Holdco debacle that I have been unable to get finished.  One council watcher with a keen interest in electricity has highlighted the Otagonet Asset Management Plan (2014-2024) to me though.  Given the Holdco debacle has primarily come about because of Otagonet, this from page 8 should be highlighted: (underlining my emphasis)

It is salient that a significant proportion of OtagoNet‘s lines were built under the previous government requirements to construct uneconomic lines with the provision of Rural Electrical Reticulation Council subsidies. A number of these lines remain uneconomic yet need replacement.

Because OtagoNet does not have a dense urban network to offset the number of customers it services in the rural areas, it is inevitable the capital investment per customer will further increase relative to other networks.

The reality is the previous owners of the network deferred maintenance and capital expenditure and unfortunately the savings of the past now have to be funded to ensure the safety of the network and to maintain reliability of supply.

Remember to submit!  The Statement Of Intent claims they are ‘professional Directors’.  The evidence is just not there in my opinion.

Brave The Weather

24 Sep


Be Afraid, VERY Afraid

22 Sep

Here is the full agenda (I’ve only read to page 6).  Page 6 is very scary and all Public Excluded – the South City and CBD contract, Holdco director reappointment (rubber stamps out please….I wonder if conflicts will be declared? (keeping in mind that Holdco directors appoint to subsidiaries),  land and buildings purchase, and last but NOT least (and most scary) Uncalled Capital.

Time For A Sit-In?

11 Sep

Some cheeky bugger (lol) called me ‘the blogger that doesn’t blog’.  Truth be told, my ‘mood’ at times cannot handle the stupidity that is ICC or council (or Bluff/Invercargill/Southland).  I have not even been reading the paper (or Facebook).  We’ll call it PMT or ‘I don’t give a flying f$%#’ or ‘some people are morons and I can’t suffer any more fools’ or just ‘whatever’.   I did check out the Infrastructure agenda though and thought I should highlight the suggested ‘surplus land for disposal’ list.  Sir Joseph Ward park is on the list even though initially it was suggested it no longer be a park but remain a green space.  Never fear though, two rounds of consultation and a tour of inspection by councillors (might be a good time to organise a sit-in picnic).

Also included are the plans for the Zip-Line on Bluff Hill (a private commercial enterprise) from near the top of the hill to the Lagan St reservoir.  Up to 160 kmh – no thank you – I’m happy to admit I am a woose.

A Suggestion

5 Sep

I just watched City Talk and I now think it would be a good idea if Cllr Dennis would pop down to the pound and get a rather large dog ……

Dennis claims Raymond Fife (and crew) is a breath of fresh air compared with the predecessors.  When Fife can submit a Chairperson’s report to the agenda in compliance with LGOIMA I’ll be impressed (ever so slighty).  Nor should it be forgotten  that Fife was the Treasurer of the Bluff Community Pool Trust and was unable to fulfill the annual report filing responsibilities on time (and they still aren’t).   Managed to organise an Xmas party with only one meeting under his belt though. 

Bugger, Bugger, Bugger

3 Sep

I was just reminded that our local heroes will be on Cue TV tonight.  Your elected representatives will be on Shitty City Talk this evening. 


Beautifying Bluff

3 Sep

Bluff 2024 have these pictures as part of their vision for our main street (I like the story boards)


Where will they go?  Bluff 2024 provided these pictures


Now those are old pictures of the Ravensdown road widening.  Here is what it looked like at 6pm yesterday


A closer look…


What is that dusty look…?…



And around the corner on Slaney Street (aren’t Bluff 2024 planning a mosaic above this piece of road on the side of the Ravensdown building)

















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