The World According To Jan

22 Jul

‘The full story’ according to the Bluff Beacon (regarding the oyster festival site and ICC) along with an A2B timeline.

I reserve my right to speak at a later date (my big sis is down from the big smoke – Wellington)

Your Stadium

21 Jul

Financial notes from the indoor stadium finances (just because I find them interesting)

Year ended March 2011

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Year ended March 2012

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Year ended March 2013

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And more from the 2013 finances (dated 16 December 2013)

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And the money they have received…

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Eight Days

21 Jul

The council year (and annual plan) started on 1 July.  There was a council meeting on 8 July.  Documents were tabled.  It seems they (ICC) only took eight days to forget a promise made.

Here is the response I received to my annual plan submission.


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No they have not been but feel free to check yourself.

Rort I Would Have Thought

20 Jul

This headline has me confused

Queenstown’s taxi route rout

I admit to not knowing the word so I consulted my friend, Google.   She (far too clever to be a man) repeatedly (and from reputable sources) claimed this

A rout is a chaotic and disorderly retreat or withdrawal of troops from a battlefield, resulting in the victory of the opposing party, or following defeat,

More reading shows more uncommon and obscure uses

a. A disorderly crowd of people; a mob.
b. People of the lowest class; rabble.
When I think I’ve come up with what it could be I realise that most meaning refers to ‘defeat’ and I don’t think price gouging Queenstown taxi companies are ‘defeated’ in any way or disorderly (a), possibly b).  Maybe they are referring to the customers as defeated? 
Can a more learned reader clarify it for me?

How Is That Fuelling Our Future?

19 Jul

Methane harvest may power region’s future claims the Southland Times.  Given this comment

Dairy Green Ltd agricultural consultant Quinton Scandrett said the results from 18 months of monitoring at the Dacre farm showed up to 70 per cent of the farm’s annual energy needs could be met from harvested methane.

In addition to these comments

The Green Party announced its economic policy on Wednesday – $1 billion of government funding for research and development over three years.

Norman said the methane recovery project was exactly the type of project that funding would be aimed toward. “We can’t simply keep expanding dairy,” he said.

The only outcome I see from this is increasing the profits of dairy farms especially if government funding goes toward it.  It will have no benefit off the farm nor will it prevent dairy expanding (possibly the opposite).

Good on the farmers for finding alternatives but I doubt it will help anyone else to any great degree.


A.K.A. Rose

18 Jul

Today’s letters had one from those rose tinted glasses types (underlining my emphasis)

Steel’s stellar season

What a great season Steel had. Sure there were some lows but the highs were great! Beating Vixens and Thunderbirds stand out for me.

It looks like we will have a pretty competitive team back. Thanks Phillipa –we will miss you dearly but totally understand your reasons for leaving us.

This is where I hope the Steel board get proactive and recruit a young up-and-coming centre. Let’s not be like a flock of sheep and recruit older or overseas players. We need to nurture local talent in New Zealand for the good of the game.

Also to Janet Horrell and Louis Crimp – get a life! If that is all that is worrying you in your life you are very lucky.

Just enjoy our beautiful stadium and be proud like me.

LYNNE THOMS Invercargill

Maybe it was a great season (I wouldn’t know – I don’t like netball) but does that mean you shouldn’t question or have an opinion?  Hell no!  Louis Crimp has every right to complain.  They reneged on a promise, just because they found a loophole it doesn’t mean it is right.  And given the trust plan to gift to $43M stadium to the ratepayers maybe there should be some more transparency and honesty involved.

Just because you are happy with an outcome it doesn’t mean the process is right and we should all question process if people have been hard done by.

Letter Of The Week

17 Jul

He stole my thunder (lol).  Someone had reminded me who we were “rattling the tin” for – Holdco.  I didn’t get around to writing.  Today’s letter asks that question though.

If the $7m loan was to cover funding promised, did the funding not come through because they want $5m.  Did only $2m come through or is all of this just shite we are being fed?

Time to properly ‘open the books’.  Given they are going to gift the Stadium to ICC.  What is the annual costs expected to be?



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